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Its objective is to characterize a property as a function of temperature by the differential calorimetry method.
Fluidity Index
Through extrusion under the cylinder of a plastometer, in a given length and specified diameter under defined conditions of temperature and load.
Residual Moisture
This procedure aims to determine the residual moisture in a polyethylene sample with heating up to 105º.
Density determination of non-cellular plastic materials in the form of an extruded product, according to the immersion method, for solid materials without voids.
Particle Size
In this test, several sieves are used where they will determine the size of each particle, in percentage, in relation to the total sample.
Apparent Bulk Mass
It determines the bulk density, ie the mass per unit volume of loss of granular material that can be poured into the design-specific hopper.

At Ambiente SA, quality is a process of continuous improvement. We have the most modern manufacturing technologies combined with strict laboratory control. Our laboratory is made up of various analysis and testing equipment in order to guarantee, at all times, the best quality as well as all the information to the customer, so that they can make the best use of our finished product in their industrial manufacturing structure.